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Well, because I didn’t get to go to work today ‘cause my car broke’d, I decided since I was up anyways that I’d use my time wisely and transcribe every To Have Heroes song instead. ‘Cause it made me feel all better. Yeeeaaaah. Anyways, have at it. Oh, and have an Andy!gif, too:

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Ps. I uploaded everything to letssingit.com too because I maintain THH there and it makes me feel special. XD And if you haven’t heard of the extra asterisked songs it’s ‘cause they’re not on the EP. They can be bought on Andy’s myspace, except “A Dream of My Own” which is only available if you rip it off of his live performance and/or vlog on youtube. Mhmm.

ida red video podcast is up!

It says 'part one' so I am hoping for at least one more part. Otherwise, why call it part one, eh? Basically video of Andy singing 'Story of Your Life' and 'Reasons' with a short little interview type thing in the middle.

You can download the podcast for free from iTunes by going here and subscribing to the podcasts. I don't see it on there for some reason, but it definitely downloaded Andy's video on my iTunes.

ETA: video

Andy blogs... sorta

Go check out the rest of the videos from my show at the Flytrap Music Hall. I would love to let you know that this will most definitely not be the last thing to come out of To Have Heroes. I very much appreciate all of your support. See you on the road!

Please go check out some more of Austin's work on his myspace page: MYSPACE.COM/AUSTINTOLINFILMS

Check out the videos here or click on the Vimeo link on the list to the right.


mod note: Yes Andy, we would love to HEAR that this won't be the last thing to come from you also.
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this is last-minute, but...

via myspace bulletin:

Tomorrow night (Jan. 27th) my good friend Phil Marshall will be doing a show in Hollywood. If you're in the area please try and make it out. If any of you follow David Cook's press you might have seen one of Phil's songs, "Jaded", listed in Dave's playlist from Glamor Magazine. He's a great artist so you don't want to miss him while he's in the states.

Check out his Myspace:


When: January 27th
Where: Genghis Cohen
740 N.
Fairfax, Los Angeles, California 90046


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